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Become a Sponsor

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We have 3 levels of sponsorship, with great benefits for each.

Big Raffle

All prizes will have a minimum value of $100

We still need donations, why not join with friends or another business to donate something amazing.

Glow Fluro

Dress up on the night in your glow or fluro clothes. Glow face paint will be available at the fair.


  • Glow Sticks and Stuff
  • Glow Face Painting
  • Photography
  • Basket Raffle
  • Big Raffle
  • Jar Bar


Glow Basket Raffles

We’re looking for Basket Raffle donations, the themes are as follows:

Prep – Crazy Crafts

Year 1 – Vouchers for Fun

Year 2 – Books and Games Galore

Year 3 – Cooking/Baking and BBQ (Amanda)

Year 4 – Dad’s Time/ Vouchers – Gifts for Dad (Erin L)

Year 5 – Mum’s Time/ Vouchers- gifts for mum (Amanda)

Year 6 – Lollies and Chocolates (Bec and Liz)

If you are reluctant to purchase a prize to donate, we encourage you to donate cash (any amount). The funds will be pooled to purchase amazing prizes.

Winners of BASKET RAFFLES need to be present at the draw to win, otherwise there will be a redraw.

Photos from our 2017 Stella Winter Wonderland


If you’d like to get involved, you can, by volunteering on one our stalls or in another way, let us know via the contact form.

Mission Statement

The Stella Fair is a community fund raising event,
funds raised with be allocated to new playground equipment at the school.

What they said in 2017

  • Amazing

    The Stella Fair was so much fun last time, the Snowman competition was so cute. I loved the bubbles too.

  • Dodgems

    The dodgem cars were the best, I was too small to go by myself, but it was fun to go with my dad!

  • Hornet

    Oh I just loved the Hornet ride, my mum was a bit scared!

  • Red Back

    I was so scared to go on the Red Back but my friends came with me and it was super cool!