Ford Brothers Fencing Art Auction!

  • Circles of Life - 2C

  • Mythical Green Eyed Cat - 4B

  • Mathematical Masterpiece - 4E

  • Reach for the Stars - 6D

  • Growing Together - 5BE

  • I am, We Are - 6C

  • Sunflowers - 1B

  • Earthy Sunflowers - 1A

  • One Land, One Community - 4D

  • Wave of Success - 6B

  • One Harmony - 6E

  • Sunset over the Sea - 3A

  • Clutch to my Love - Prep A

  • Bowl - 5DE

  • Bee-u-tiful - 3B

Amazing class artwork is up for grabs at our silent art auction to be held at the Stella Fair !

The artwork can be previewed in the ILC in the week leading up to the fair (22-26 July 2019).

During the Fair it will be displayed in the “SHED” with a  bid sheet.
Highest bid wins the prize, don’t forget your credits cards!

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own a piece of class history for your child.

Students of Stella Maris

Class Art – full details of techniques and inspiration detailed in our gallery below.

Our Task


Create a piece of artwork collaborating with the entire class.

Skills Involved


  • Team work
  • Co-operation
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Group collaboration
  • Group research